•Founded in 1989 in the Netherlands by Mr. Piers Morgan, Animal Magic BV was incorporated in Holland in 1990. Initially conceived as a supplier of high end Plush Toys, Animal Magic rapidly moved its business model from that of importer/distributor to that of manufacturer; establishing the Company in the early growth of soft toy manufacturing in Southern China.

•Now We, Animal Magic, are a global leader in plush toy design and manufacturing. 

•Here at Animal Magic we bring ideas and dreams to life! From concept to design our focus at Animal Magic is to maximize the best options to ensure that your toy is something that excites and brings happiness.

•Throughout our process, we give you safe hands and decades of experience as one of the leaders in plush toy, toy manufacturing and have successfully shipped hundreds of millions of toys globally for over the past 28 years.

•At Animal Magic, we manufacture the safest toys possible. With this commitment, we perform multiple quality control tests and review throughout the entire process, design, production, packaging and shipping. We also complete all the testing needed to ensure your toy meets or exceeds all the required safety standards, no matter what country your toy is being shipped to or sold in.

•Our goal at Animal Magic is to give our customers a one stop total 360⁰ solution. You dream it and we bring it to life. Animal Magic’s employees goal is to create the highest quality toys and collectables that will bring joy and happiness to our clients and their customers.
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